Success doesn’t come without failure.

It’s a process of refining imperfect attempts for consistent improvement. Life for us at Purpose to Profit is good and business is beginning to boom, but the things we’re experiencing now are built upon the backs of lots of tiny failures (and some large ones too).

We thought we’d give you a laugh at our expense by pulling this blooper video out of the vault. We hope you enjoy.

blooper splash screen

Watch our hilarious attempt to create an audio CD for a course we were making. After lots of blunders, we finally decided to turn on the video camera to get some use out of all our mistakes. We hope you enjoy!


The end result of this project turned out pretty good, but it happened through lots of mistakes. We hope you got a chuckle.

You may not realize it, but you are an influencer. You can’t help this. Everything you do or don’t do, impacts other people.

Each of us has a limited range of “superpowers.” Some just might not be developed to their full capacity and if we are going to develop fully into our potential, we are going to have to get more comfortable with the thought of failing. THE KEY IS TO FAIL FORWARD!

Success is really a process of innovation.

Innovators begin with a prototype that is far from perfect. It’s not expected to be right the first time. Only after creating something imperfect can we see needed improvements to make it better.

Here are 3 myths about “Getting it Right:”

Myth #1 PERFECT is a destination

Which is more perfect: a newborn, toddler, teenager, young adult, adult or elderly person? The truth is, each can be perfect for their unqiue stage of development. Perfection isn’t a destination. It’s a process. It’s also a process that is unique to each individual. What is perfect for you is not what’s right for me.

Perfection is relative to design, calling and purpose. The real question each person should ask themselves is, “Am I BEING what I’m designed to be?” Most people really struggle with this concept, but the right answer is this: “We are each designed to be ourselves.” Coming to an understanding of ourselves is a process, not a destination.

Myth #2 WAITING to “put it out there” is playing it safe

Now I have to admit, I’ve wrestled a lot with perfectionism over the years. If I’m not careful my tendency can be, “Ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim…

I learned a very powerful lesson, in this regard while coaching in manufacturing companies. IVe watched teams create, promote and promise things that weren’t even close to being perfect. At first it seemed a little haphazard and wreckless to me.

Then it dawned on me. They were making lots of money by “getting out things” that were in a “state of perfection.” I have to admit, I was critical in my thinking. I kept observing what seemed less than responsible to me…”Ready, fire, aim.” Then I realized the beauty of this method. You can only adjust something (aim) that’s been fired. 

Myth #3 FAILING labels me and is something to be ashamed of

If this were true, all innovators would be tremendous failures. Shame is debilitating and no good can come from it. 

To be successful, we should redefine failure. It’s not the end. It’s a NECESSARY step or steps in the process of innovation. We cannot improve if we don’t know what is and is not working well. 

And here’s another hint…Any indivdidual or entity that pretends to be all success and no failure is phony. The word “hypocrite” comes from the acting community. LOOKING good is not the same as BEING RIGHT (having integrity with your true design and calling). There’s so much to say here, but that will have to wait for another article.

Coach Robin and I don’t want to ACT like we have it all together. As coaches our “superpowers” are limited to our unique gifts, talents, insights and experiences. We NEED other superheros like you to surround and support us. That’s why we’re building a community of…


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Blessings – Coach Randy Pipes

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