Welcome to Purpose to Profit – Let’s explore what Purpose to Profit is all about

We’re Coaches Randy and Robin and we’re excited that you’re here! If you’ve wanted your life and/or work to fit with who you really are, then you’re in the right place.

What is Purpose to Profit? The planet is full of people chasing after their version of success. As they drive toward what they think they want out of life, many people eventually discover they sacrificed themselves and their relationships to get there.

We believe a successful life is built from the inside out. It begins with knowing who you truly are.

A successful life, at least by our definition, is about right alignment; you with your true self. Your work should be an extension of who you are. When it’s done this way, your work becomes an expression of your unique contribution to the world. As a wonderful side-benefit, you can get paid for it.

It’s possible to:

  • Love what you do and be energized by it
  • Stop trading your time for money
  • Work from your life’s passion and purpose
  • Profit and prosper through alignment with your purpose in life


There’s a lot to talk about and we can’t wait to get started. We recommend that you begin with this vlog. It asks three simple, life-defining questions most people don’t ask themselves. Your answers to these questions could be the start of a brand new life for you.

Answer these three simple questions








Now we recommend that you watch the next three videos below, so you’ll see the direction we’d like you to consider taking.

Keep in mind that, we not only want to help you take the steps toward freedom in life and business that these videos discuss, we want to help you create a life and career that flow from your passion and purpose in life!

Here’s a vlog we did on “Drive,” by Daniel Pink. It discusses the things that truly motivate people, backed by research. This is very interesting and the reason most people feel like they’re dying on their jobs.

Drive by Daniel Pink








This vlog reviews Tim Ferriss’s amazing book, “The Four Hour Work Week.” This one was a game-changer for Coach Randy! It breaks the myth that we have to work forty plus hours a week to be successful. Most of all it challenges the mindset that keeps us on the performance treadmill of trading time (our life) for money.

The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss








This vlog reviews Brendon Burchard’s book, “The Millionaire Messenger. Another game-changer!

The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard








Ok. Let’s get you pointed in a direction. We recommend choosing one of the three resources below that you feel most closely matches where you are in life right now.

Reclaiming your Life














It’s OK (and possible) to Love your Life














How to Quickly Identify the Business Inside of You














Purpose to Profit is a journey. Here are our favorite blog/vlogs on the subject.

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What Purpose to Profit is not. Let’s dispel some myths right off the bat before we dive any deeper.

1. It’s not all easy. Discovering your purpose in life is not as easy as falling off a log. OK, part of it is. There are two basic parts to the discovery and manifestation of your life’s purpose:

  • Assessment of who you are: where you’ve been and what you’ve done. There are lots of clues in your life as to what your life’s purpose is. Asking you the right questions to guide you through some “Ah Ha” moments is relatively easy.
  • Dealing with the unconscious stuff that keeps you from your full potential is a little more challenging. There’s work involved. Though being yourself should be the easiest thing in the world, your own defense mechanisms can stand in the way.

Our resources and services are designed to do both. We’re skilled at helping you understand what you are designed and called to do.

We’ll guide you through the inner journey of identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs as much as you want us to and as much as you’re willing to cooperate with the process.

2. It’s not all quick. We can get you some powerful results relatively quickly, but the overall journey into purpose is progressive and will ultimately last a lifetime.

The coaching process is both informational and transformational. We can teach you things that will expand your knowledge and understanding and guide you down a path of doing things needed to create a life and work that fits.

True progression into purpose is not as much informational as it is transformation. To create from the inside out, requires reflection and revelation which depend on your willingness to examine your current perspectives.

3. Living a Purpose to Profit life is entirely possible. Everyone progresses through this process at different rates and to differing levels of success, but it is entirely possible to:

  • Love your life
  • Turn your past difficulties into fuel for your success
  • Work from your passion and purpose
  • Make money from what you love and are gifted to do

Essentials to getting started in your own Purpose to Profit life:

#1 – A brief history of where you’ve been
#2 – An accurate picture of who you are
#3 – An accurate assessment of where you are
#4 – A clear vision of where you want to go
#5 – The right plan and tools to get you there

We’d like to get you jump-started in your Purpose to Profit life by asking you a question that has the potential to transform the life that you know into the life that you desire. “ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?

By clicking the link, you’ll be taken to our current Challenge (or given a place in line for our next one). EACH ONE OF OUR ONLINE CHALLENGES IS DESIGNED TO FAST TRACK YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE. They are not merely informational. You’ve probably had your fill of that already. We’ve created each one with true life-transformation in mind. Each short, easily digestible installment of the training will end with a small challenge for practical application. On average the training and challenge combined will take less than a half hour to complete. Should you choose to accept, each day will bring you one step closer to more purpose-filled life and work.

Here’s where we’re going to ask you to make a choice…

Purposeful living is about making intentional choices and we’re going to ask you to make one of them right now. We want you to benefit from our years of experience of both coming into our own purposes and helping others to do the same. We want to help you to do it the smartest and quickest way possible.

You won’t find this material anywhere else because we’ve created it according to our own unique and proven system developed through years of coaching and training. This challenge will help you start with a focused, interactive process that will reward your commitment.

Get immediate access by clicking the link below. We are chomping at the bit to help you get started!

Enter challenge (Coming Soon)

Thank you for spending your time here. We know it’s valuable and we appreciate it! We want to be your coaches as well as your friend. We want to hear your stories and to hear clearly from you how we can assist you on this journey. We want the Purpose to Profit experience to be your experience.

We’ll do our best to respond to your comments and questions. We truly believe that you are extraordinary, and we want to help you make your abundant contribution to the world. We truly want to help you make your life a better place to live!




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