I am an architect and graphic designer with over 12 years of experience. I was always passionate about design since my childhood, drawing was my favorite hobby and Lego was my favorite toy.

With over 12 years of experience in the field of architecture including a lot of stores, chains and corporate interiors, I learned, developed skills and endorsed as a second career another type of design that is not far from my original expertise …graphic design; which was occasionally offered to me while working on different interiors like wall banners, logos, etc… it intrigued me and that’s how it happened!

I took it to the next level, and started working online where I met a lot of clients that have design needs for their businesses and that’s where I met up with Coach Randy. It was a beautiful experience in all aspects. The professionalism, unique and creative ideas he had that boosted mine in turn, made it definitely one of my favorite experiences along the way.

So far we worked together on the graphic material that was needed for this project “Purpose to Profit”, including:

The Logo
The Infographic “Releasing the business inside of you”
The product booklets & DVD covers
T-shirt prints
Social media graphic material
The guidance was very efficient and inspirational, I love my work, but working with Coach Randy had it’s special flavor. Besides the professionalism and creativity I mentioned earlier, the humane side of working together wasn’t any less awesome… the understanding, the patience, the friendly yet highly efficient communication, and the very positive vibe he leaves you with while you’re working together, assured me that he believes in everything he says and/or teaches as a Pastor, a Coach and a Motivator.

I hope our business relation extends, and thank you if you read this far.